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Anti-Fungal Protection

Feature of: Soltherm Premium Acrylic, Soltherm HD Weather, Soltherm HD Weather Plus, Soltherm HD Ultimate, Soltherm 4Seasons

Algae, mould, lichen and fungi are microorganisms, which form green brown growth on façades. They feed on organic pollutants deposited on the wall surface (dirt and dust) and organic compounds, which are present in soil. They grow in damp and low-temperature conditions such as: shaded spots, lower parts of north and west facing walls. Humid climate and building location in the vicinity of a forest or water reservoir also create favourable conditions for them to grow. Algae and fungi colonies need water for their growth. Water sources are: precipitation, water vapour condensation on shaded surfaces, bad/incorrect flashing or shortening of breaks between subsequent insulation stages - walls or EWI components not fully dry. Our climate creates favourable conditions for microbial growth on building exteriors. High humidity and changeable weather conditions, rain, wind, low temperatures create the conditions for a fungal and algal growth.

Solutions for Contaminated facades: SOLTHERM GLO and SOLTHERM PRO

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