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External Wall Insulation

Non-insulated buildings are vulnerable to a wide range of hazards. There are also a number of other economical, ecological and health issues that can have an impact on anyone living inside. 

These are problems that can be solved by simply installing EWI!

Not warm in your own home? Found damp on your walls? Tired of wasting money on the heating bills? Does your façade have algae growth? Feel like your home looks less than perfect? Installing EWI can help these problems. 

What EWI provides:

Reduced CO2 emission

By installing EWI you will reduce heating requirements, and therefore reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Reduced heating costs

Efficient insulation can reduce heating bills by up to 40%.

A facelift for your property

The investment in EWI will lower maintenance costs as well as energy consumption, ensuring that your house will meet current and future regulations. Regenerating your home with EWI can improve the ascetics of your property and create a warm, healthy and comfortable environment.

The highest quality is our main priority.

All our products are manufactured at one of the most advanced production lines in Europe under the supervision of specialist technicians from the company laboratories, paints and ceramic products. The process is ISO certified and supervised by Global Quality.