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The DECOMIKA effect has been specially developed for those who love expressive visual effects. Stone imitating render finish is filled with mica particles, which give outstanding visual effects (glitter effect). It can be applied to large surfaces to create original decorative finishes. BOLIX Decomica provides is a perfect alternative for multi-component and multi-layered finishes. This easy-to-apply product will give a special finish to your building façade. Comes in 35 colours.

SOLTHERM Brick Effect

Associated with traditional construction material, nowadays bricks have become an inspiration for creating interesting decorative finishes. Brick decorations bring the look of solid brickwork and give a traditional look to your exterior. With BOLIX Brick Effect you can forget about costly, labour-intensive and complicated bricklaying. Our product will help you to achieve an extremely realistic brick effect in an easy and quick way. The product offers an excellent aesthetic effect combined with durability of the finish. Available for two application techniques.

- cutted brick

It is an easy way to achieve the desired brick effect using a specialised tool for cutting through the face coat to create bed joints. Using this technique the brick effect is more realistic and brick joints deeper. It offers three different face coat finishes: smooth, rough and scratched that will add to the brick effect.

- brick from template

The brick effect is achieved by applying a brick wall stencil. With the use of the stencil we can achieve a perfectly neat brickwork. You can go over the face gently with a special roller to give it a rustic finish. The product offers excellent aesthetic effect combined with durability of the finish.


This colourful decorative exposed aggregate finish will give a new look to your exterior. With this easy-to-apply decorative render finish you can quickly achieve the desired effect. Composed of carefully selected aggregate and premium acrylic binders, it gives a decorative touch to building surfaces. Bolix Deco BM is ideal for cornices, plinths, pilasters, etc. Available in 34 colours.


BOLIX Wood combines a timeless appeal of wooden decorative elements with reliability and robustness of modern finishing solutions. It provides a wood board effect to exterior walls. Bolix Wood ensures easy application and weather resistance. With BOLIX Wood Stamp you no longer have to worry about wood treatment and maintenance. Enjoy this unique wood board effect in a colour of your choice. Available in two versions as Wood Stamp: for stamped faux wood effect and as Wood TR: for application with the use of a stencil.


BOLIX Wood SLIM responds to new trends in façade designs. The fashion for natural exterior finishes is back, therefore faux wood panel effect is gaining in popularity. It combines tradition with new trends to add a luxurious finish to your home. BOLIX Wood SLIM provides an extremely realistic effect of a thin wood board. It offers an easy application with a special silicone matrix and high weather resistance. Comes in 10 colours.


Having an exposed stone effect no longer involves putting additional strain on building structure and on home or investment budget. With this special thin-coat plaster, composed of natural and manufactured aggregates, you can easily give a sandstone or granite finish to your walls. Since it is easy to apply and comes in various colours, you can quickly achieve the desired effect. Moreover, the acrylic plaster is highly resistant to mechanical damage, what makes it perfect for cornices, plinths, pilasters, etc.


Textured finish providing rust effect is a special state-of-the-art solution for modern exteriors. The composition of natural and manufactured aggregates makes it easy to achieve a unique finish that will delight even the most refined of your guests. Decorative finish with rust effect will give a modern look to your external walls. It is perfect to highlight an architectural feature or add a special finish to minimalist architecture. Undoubtedly, it grows in popularity in the modern design.


This render producing a faux concrete effect makes an excellent example of a modern interpretation of timeless elegance. It brings raw, industrial-inspired effect to create an attractive and modern textural finish that will match even the most sophisticated decorative concepts. What is more, it blends in perfectly with metal, wood or glass, providing a unique textural look of concrete. Available for two application techniques: for manual application and for stencilled technique.


State-of-the-art solution, elegance and durability - these words best describe this wall solution offering a metallic effect. This is ideal to give a special touch to wall finishes. It adds the lustre of glimmering metal to the finish coat, which is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, sunlight or frost. The metallic finish is provided by a set of professional products providing a high performance and durable finish coat. Comes in three colour variations: Gold, Silver, Copper.


Small sparkling particles mixed in the render reflect light and glitter like diamonds to produce a glittery shimmer effect. It adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to residential or commercial spaces. Fine silicon particles blend in perfectly with all kind of render colours to give them a refined appearance.

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