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About Us

We provide with the highest quality insulation systems.
We have been manufacturing the building products for more than 25 years.

We are dedicated to provide you with most advanced and innovative building chemicals so that your house can become a truly comfortable, low maintenance dwelling.
We believe that we all need to work together. We create the products that help you maintain your house.
We at Soltherm Ltd. believe, that the healthy and sustainable planet begins with the healthy and energy efficient home.
Together we can make the planet healthier and safer for everyone by contributing to your EWI that is your Enormous Well-being Improvement!

We have provided insulation for homes all over Europe – both in the northern, cold areas and in the warm, sunny countries. We know how to keep them warm in winter and nicely chilled in the summer.

Warm in winter
Warm in winter
N: 55° 45' 16", E: 37° 37'' 17"


Avg. temp. in winter:

-4°.6C (24°F)

Chill in summer
Chill in summer
N: 35° 53' 58", E: 14° 30' 53"


Avg. temp. in winter:

23.2°C (74°F)


Our mission is to supply building materials and solutions of the highest quality to the U.K. and European market.

All our products are manufactured on one of the most advanced production lines in Europe and under the supervision of specialist technicians. The production process is ISO certified and supervised by Global Quality. The company is expansion-oriented and wants to achieve that by establishing and strengthening long-term and ethical relationships with our customers and all business partners.

We employ and continuously improve the latest organizational techniques and environmentally friendly technologies. Soltherm cares for its financial credibility and the satisfaction of our customers, employees and shareholders.

 We offer a wide range of building chemicals, which are constantly broadened, since our products reflect technological and stylistic trends in architecture and meet the most specific customer’s requirements.

Company milestones
  • We have insulated over
    100 M m2

  • Experienced both in cold northern
    climate and warm, Mediterrean one.

  • Present on the European
    market for over 25 years

  • Our production plant is
    ISO certified

  • We have set up our own research
    and development centre