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Stay safe in your home. Old and worn-out façades are constantly exposed to weather conditions and can be adversely affected by damage, which may cause cracking. Any openings will let the moisture penetrate your walls. Our EWI systems can provide a new, durable, rock-solid and crack-resistant façade.

Fire Safety

We want you to feel safe in your home. There are very clear UK Building Regulations referring to Fire Protection Requirements for EWI Systems. The insulation systems are classified in relation to their reaction to fire. Houses up to 2 storeys should be insulated with a system not less than C class (Low Risk). What is the classification for Soltherm systems then? All the mineral wool based systems are classified as class A - they are non-combustible. All the systems with EPS boards are classified as B.

The Soltherm insulation systems are adhesively bonded. What does that mean? It simply means, that the adhesive creates an additional barrier against the spread of fire. This barrier is not present in dry fixed systems, which is why the fire on those buildings may spread quickly and pose much more of a threat.

Wind Load 

Windloads can pose a serious threat to the fabric of the building. Soltherm has prepared Cross Knot - a unique solution, which combines the full forces of the insulation material. In this patented Soltherm solution, a special mechanical fixing goes through two crossed fibreglass mesh strips to provide extreme resistance to wind loads. A standard fixing provides a reinforcement area that is restricted to the support washer area, however with Cross Knot this area is extended as the crossed strips are both attached to the insulation material as well as fixed to the reinforcement. The mechanical fixing used in this process has the capability to hold down the insulation due to a screw-in fixing which can be tightened. This is ideal for tall buildings, to ensure optimal security and safety during high winds.

The highest quality is our main priority.

All our products are manufactured at one of the most advanced production lines in Europe under the supervision of specialist technicians from the company laboratories, paints and ceramic products. The process is ISO certified and supervised by Global Quality.