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Improve your indoor comfort

Proper temperature is as important as proper humidity. Did you know that the indoor temperature should be constant all year round? Let’s look at other aspects of healthy life with EWI. 

The temperature should be constant between 19 and 22°C. The humidity should be between 40 and 60%. 

Condensation and mould in poorly insulated buildings can cause serious health problems.

We know how important it is to keep your home peaceful and quiet. Sleep can be disrupted by as little as 35dB (normal street sounds). Insulated walls help cut noise from outside your home.

Did you know that the average British citizen contributes 1.49 tons of CO2 a year through the heating of their home?

Unhappy with your fuel bills? By installing EWI you will reduce the need of heating, and therefore reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills!

Reduced heating costs.  Do you know that the efficient insulation can reduce bills by up to 40%? The estimated annual savings vary from £260 for a semi-detached gas-heated house to £455 for a detached one. And what’s more, you will be less vulnerable to rises in energy costs.

Reduced Electricity Bills. An insulated house maintains a comfortable indoor climate, which in turn results in a reduced use of appliances like air conditioning or fans.

The highest quality is our main priority.

All our products are manufactured at one of the most advanced production lines in Europe under the supervision of specialist technicians from the company laboratories, paints and ceramic products. The process is ISO certified and supervised by Global Quality.